System of the non-metallic ceramics E.MAX

The method of the full ceramic dental prosthesis – it is one of the most contemporaneous and perspective trends of the dental prosthesis. With the qualitative and durable materials, which are in the disposition of our specialists, there can be reached impressive resulta in the field of the aesthetic stomatology.

Ceramics – it is a very flexible and firm material, which enables to perform the work of any form. Ceramics is absolutely biologically compatible. As the result of the unification of the quality, high durability and incredible biological compatibility of the ceramics, there is formed a stabule and strong material – teeth stomatology prosthetics ceramics, which excellently serves for the ceramic dental crowns and bridges.

System of the non-metal ceramics IPS e.max has a lot of advantages for the patient:

  • Elevated aesthetic qualities, wide color spectrum, naturality, “live” light transparency of the material.
  • High level durability.
  • There is needed a minimum surfacing of the tooth.
  • It doesn’t contain metal.
  • It doesn’t induce allergy.

Е.max – it is the first full ceramic system, which includes pyroceramics and zirconium oxide, which allows to coat the carcasses from those materials with the same ceramics – IPS e.max Ceram. The decision of our specialist regarding the exact material to be used is made taking into account the requirements for the durability, optical qualities and transparency.

Even at different types of the lighting, full ceramic dental crowns and bridges look very aesthetical and are alike the dental prosthesis. In the full ceramic dental crowns and bridges there are united all the best characteristics of the quality of the ceramics as the material. The result is dependability, biological compatibility and pretiness.


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