CEREC is decoded as CEramic REConstruction, i.e. ceramic reconstruction of the lacking part of the tooth.

CEREC 3D – it is the mehod of the computer construing and manufacturing of the porcelain revival. This method allows resolving of the problems of the teeth during one visit to the doctor, as the manufacturing of the porcelain renewal is performed directly in the cabinet of the dentist.

The method of the computer modelling has a lot of advantages. Using this technology, any deffect of the tooth can be eliminated within a day with the help of the dental crown.

During this procedure the tooth is scanned with the help of the tridemensional video camera, and then on the computer monitor there is modelled the lacking part of the tooth or dental crown. Afterwards, the welting block within 20 minutes grinds out the construction, which then is polished, colored and fized. As the result the patiens receives a very high aesthetic restoraion of the tooth, which is made from a durable dental material – porcelain, which as of its quality can be compared with gold. For the ceramic reconstruction there is no need yo make a moulding, to give it to the technician and to place themporary fillings or dental prosthesis, as well as wait for several days and to perform «fittings» - technology CEREC 3D substantially shortens the time of the reconstruction of the tooth. Additionally this procedure is absolutely painless.
Technology CEREC 3D is the most recent computer restoration system, which has made a genuine breakthrough in the field of the restorational dental prosthetics. Not in all the stomatological clinics there is the said technology, but our specialists have the CEREC apparatus at their disposal.

Not taking into the account that the basis of the CEREC technology there is the computer reconstruction of the tooth, not less important the competency and professionality of the dentists, who are using this method. Experience and high quality performance of our specialists will allow you in the shortest time to re-establish the deffects of the teeth and return to you the previous attractiviness and the healt of your smile.

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