Dental prosthesis

As one of the possibilities of the dental prosthestics, we are offering to our patiens dental prosthesis, which in the contradiction with the traditional dental prosthesis can bend and don’t break during the same time. As the result, the durability of the dental prosthesis increases and as the main thing, the painful associations wearing them, are decreasing. Dental prosthesis is not provoking any allergic response.

You get used to the elastic dental prohesis faster than to the traditional ones due due to the decreased size and thinness. Dental prosthesis are being used for the elimination of the separate deffect as well as for the restitution of the whole dental bridge. They are successfully used by the patients with the parodonthosis of the 1st or 2nd stage, as their usage is preventing the loosening of the teeth. Due to the fact that dental prosthesis are not provoking allergic response, they are succesfully used for the reconstruction of the teeth of the patienrs, which are allergic to other types of materials.

The main advantages of the dental prosthesis:

  • Aesthetics. Material, from which the dental prosthesis is made, is quite transparent and its color is very alike with the color of the gums, therefore it is not viable for the strangers.
  • Restraining elements of such dental prosthesis are dental alveoral clambers, which are more aesthetical than the metallic clambers of the traditional denthal prosthesis;
  • Fast habituation to the dental prosthesis;
  • It is not provoking allergic response or tohical impact on the organism;
  • There is no need for the prior grinding of the natural teeth;
  • More tender and protectable impact on the gum, and therefore – there are no irritation and inflammation in the area of the dental prosthesis bedding;
  • The material from which the dental prosthesis is made, is very durable, therefore the dental prosthes will serve you for long years;
  • There is no metal present in the dental prosthesis;
  • It is simple and comfortable for use.



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