Kavo Everest

Comprehensive technology «Kavo Everest» – this is the guarantee of the high level aestheticism of the teeth dental prosthestics.

In order to understand, how this technology works, it is necessary to have an understanding, how the regular metallo ceramica dental crown is made. In the beginning the doctor is welting the tooth for the future dental crown, and then, using the alginate, takes the imprint of the teeth and gives that imprint to the laboratory.

In the laboratory the dental laboratory technician is moulding the models in accordance with the imprints of the teeth and is modeling the metallic carcas from the wax and then in the laboratory moulds the received cast. After the said the metal carcass undergoes the refinement, the ceramic mass is applied. And after the glazing in the special stove, the dental crown is finished. This method has several disadvantages – firstly, the alginate shrinks. Secondly, during the modelling and moulding some small imprecisions may occur, which, in its turn, affects the preciseness of the creation of the ceramic dental crown.

What is the essential distinction of the new technology KaVo Everest?

After welting of the tooth, doctor takes the mould, but using a special dental scanner scans the tooth and sends the picture to the computer, after which then is performed the computer modeling of the future carcas of the tooth of the dental crown, with the following application of the ceramic mass.

The main advantage of this method is the lack of the skrinkage durin all the stages of the manufacturing as well as high biological compatibility, longevity and increased durability. Technology KaVo Everest – it is more precies methodology of the manifacturing in comparison with the traditional methods of the moulding. KaVo Everest – is the most suitable methodologyfor those, who as the most significant parameter of the dental prosthestics consider aesthetics and the high quality of the performance.

Technology КаVо Everest makes the work of the doctor more effective and flexible. This system guarantees the performance of the wide spectrum of the functions and technologies, пригодных для toothной техники. At the moment technology КаVо Everest is one of the most advanced in stomatology.



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