Piezosurgery in stomatology  - teeth implants without pain in Riga.

Surgeries by using ultrasound.

Piezosurgery - one of the most advanced and fastest types of surgical procedur in stomatology!

Only for you piezosurgery in dental clinic "VISA Dental":

  • Tooth extractions;
  • Bone tissue transplantation;
  • A dental implantation.

Manipulation with tissues without pain is achieved with ultrasound. In procedure there are no injuries for  gums, blood vessels or nerves. A quick incision was made in the maximum finely and accuracy.

The main advantage of piezosurgery is guaranteed and predictable result of dental treatment and implantation.

  • Minimum damage of mouth soft tissue;
  • Maximum safety for patients;
  • High speed and accuracy of operation;
  • No bleeding during surgery and after;
  • Possibility to perform an operation to places which is hard to reach;
  • Minimal rehabilitation time after surgery;
  • Ultrasonic antibacterial effect;
  • Antiseptic processing scars.

Piezosurgery in stomatology  clinic " VISA Dental " in Riga

This method is reasonably necessary during the surgical procedure in dentistry!

The ultrasonic wave exposure is broken hard tissues but soft tissues at the same time has no any harm.

  • Tooth extractions;
  • Bone tissue plastic;
  • Dental implants;
  • Tooth and gum surgery and treatment.

Piezosurgery system which is used in stomatology clinic

"VISA Dental" allows to reach surgical principle in to a new level.


Result of piezosurgery
Clinic "VISA Dental" doctors offers for patients instead of traditional surgical implantation techniques use piezosurgery. Piezosurgery is one of the best dental plastic variants. Dentists of clinic "VISA Dental” use  piezosurgery method to minimize pain and swelling in the time of procedure.

Piezosurgery for special patients

Ultrasound has a special anti-bacterial effect. That's why no need for antiseptic processing wounds with antibiotics.
This allows the use piezosurgery  for people who has allergies and mothers who are breastfeeding.


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