There are different problems when restoring each patient teeth. Solution is an individual approach. The structure of the jaw, dentition, teeth and gums conditions do not allow to create and use template prostheses. Today all over the world has been used following methods of prosthesis:

  1. Removable prosthesis (complete or partial). Is cheap and is used in approximately 80% of cases and is considered the most common. Virtues- a minimum list of contraindications and minimal complications. In addition, the low price for the service is an attractive factor for many patients. Defficiensies- a long and unpleasant period getting used to the prosthesis, as well as the fact that chewing load generally is made on the gum.
  2. Non-removable prosthesis (metal-ceramic crowns, ceramic crowns, veneers, inlays). Very popular with people of all ages. The best known method of this type - setting the crown on a tooth or an implant.
  3. Combined method for restoring the dentition.


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