The middle degree of periodontal disease in most cases is not perceived by patients as a dangerous disease. Mostly they concern about problems such as inflammation, bleeding, and, especially, gum recession, leading to elongation of the necks of the teeth and associated aesthetic disturbances. Therefore, they often refuse surgical treatment, consisting of several painful procedures.
"Vector" system allows to make primary intervention in one visit. This method is much less painful than traditional methods of treatment of periodontal disease, so patients perceive it as much less unpleasant.

Principles the "Vector" system

When using the tools of the "Vector" system, the only movement is a linear, parallel to the root surface. A distinctive feature of the "Vector" system is a gentle removal of bacterial biomembrane and dental plaque by indirect coupling of the ultrasonic energy. In this case there is no damage to the hard tissue and soft tissue. And thanks to a suspension, containing microparticles, significantly increases the efficiency of cleaning of the root. Only a dentist can clean the teeth below the gums level.

The energy of the tool is gently fed into the periodontal pocket through the hydromembrane (hydrodynamic effects). Paradontal pocket is intensively treated and washed without the formation of aerosols. During this process, the particles of suspension used work as a toothpaste, removing hard and soft dental plaque from even the most difficult areas. Result- smooth, clean roots surfaces and a significant reduction of bacteria, which leads to a rapid and successful treatment.

Additional features of "Vector" system

To remove supragingival plaque a fundamentally new tip has been used, that enhances transmitting ultrasonic energy to a special Vector-Scaler tool. Since the liquid is fed inside the tool, as if using a periodontal tip, there is practically no aerosol formation. It also enables the use of polishing suspension. Strengthening the ultrasonic energy is achieved by additional piezo ceramic disc that allows you to quickly remove even the toughest dental plaque and polish delicate surfaces of the teeth.


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