Zirconiom oxide

Dental crowns based on the zirconiom oxide – those are fixed prosthesis, which allows in full to satisfy high aesthetical requirements of the artificial dental crowns. In addition zirconium oxide posses high level of the biological compatibility with the surrounding tissues.

Dental crown from zirconium oxide don’t contain metal on the core coping and therefore ecizes even on the most sensitive gums. Zirconium oxide is a ceramic material with the durability of the metal and the aesthetic characteristics of the porcelain. Dental prosthetics works carried out on its basis – it is the possibility to receive an exact analogue of the natural teeth, which during a careful examination even a specialist will hardly distinguish.

Creation of the non-metal dental crown is carried out with the usage of the technology CAD/CAM (computer-programming construction), which on principle differs from the hand mould process of the metal-ceramics. The COD/CAM system ensures high preciseness of the creation of the dental prosthesis. From the moulds there is made a model, which is scanned with the high sensitiveness laser scanner of the complex Kavo Everest. Then, on the computer dental laboratory technician is modeling the future dental crown, where core coping is worked out on the computer machine from the block of the zirconium oxide. The said method allows produce products with the maximum preciseness.

For this technological approach of the dental prosthetics there are a lot of advantages:

  • The carcass of the non-metalic dental crown based on the based on the zirconic oxide – is white, therefore there is no effect of the dark corona of the artificial tooth;
  • Dental prosthesis transmits the light and creates the effect of the natural tooth;
  • The material is hipoalergenic and as for biological compatibility it even surpasses the gold. The clinical results, which proove the hipoalergenic of the material is based on the dozen of the histological researches: after the half year of the contact with the ceramics based on the zirconium oxide in the oral cavity there were not found any pathological changes.
  • It has a low coefficient of the heat conduction, i.e. it is irresponsive to the hot or very cold food.
  • It allows to make the carcass in the thickness of 0,4-0,5 mm, therefore it requires the minimum surfacing of the tooth;
  • It is two times lighter then metal;
  • Material is very durable (and it means that it will serve you a long time), it enables to make the prosthetic bridges.

The high level of the biological compatibility, durability, longevity and aesthetic appeal of the carcas from the zirconium oxide makes it as the material number 1 in the modern stomatology.


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