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What are Straumann dental implants?

The Straumann Dental Implant System is widely regarded as one of the finest implant systems in the world. The Straumann system uses specially designed titanium implants to substitute the root section of missing teeth, and once the implant is fully integrated it can support a new crown or denture.

Benefits of Straumann dental implants

Straumann dental implants are a cut above the rest with some of the benefits including:


  • Excellent oral tissue integration.
  • Simple treatment process: only one appointment required.
  • Fast healing.
  • Compatible with dentures and crowns.




Why choose Straumann implants?

Straumann is a Swiss company and was founded in 1954. The firm has an excellent reputation for producing the finest quality dental devices and appliances, and clinical research has suggested that Straumann implants are some of the most effective and safe implants available. Straumann works with international corporations and leading researchers, including the International Team for Implantology, to ensure the firm offers clients optimum quality products. Straumann also invests in research by donating around 6% of profits to research causes.

The Straumann Implant system has an excellent track record and an overall success rate of 95%.

The procedure

Straumann implants are unique in that the gum tissue is not placed over the implant after it has been anchored into the jawbone. This means that the healing period is quicker and a second appointment to uncover the implant is not required. The gums are numbed with local anaesthetic before the implant is anchored to prevent pain. Once the implant has been placed, the gum tissue is left to heal for around 6 weeks to 10 months. During this time a temporary restoration will be fitted to enable full function. Once the implant has healed fully the permanent restoration will be placed and you can start showing off your new smile.

In some cases there may be insufficient bone tissue to support an implant. If this is the case regenerative gum tissue or bone substitute material can be used to bolster the site of the implant.


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